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Vivosun Mini Aquarium Heater


Vivosun Mini Aquarium Heater

Vivosun Mini Aquarium Heater

25 W16.50 $
50 W16.99 $

Mini heater for small aquariums

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Vivosun Mini Aquarium Heater Features

  • Compact design won’t take up much space and is easy to hide.
  • Fully submersible and rated IP68, the highest waterproof level.
  • Made of fire-resistant and temperature-resistant plastics.
  • Guaranteed against electrical shortages.
  • Digital display to show temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Double sensing probes on the top of heater provide more precise induction
  • Both fresh water and sea water can be used
  • Perfect for 2.5 to 5 gallon tanks but also works with much bigger aquariums
  • VIVOSUN tiny aquarium heater is adjustable and will automatically control the water temp as needed.
  • Suitable for fish, turtles, frogs, or other little pets small tanks.
  • Equipped with a touch-button controller to adjust the temperature without getting your hands wet.
  • Adjustable temperature from 68/20°C to 94/34°C.
  • Antiflaming heater cover can prevent fish from going too close to the heater.
  • 2 suction cups attached can suck the heating rod on the fish tank wall.



25 watt

50 watt

Fish Tank Size

3-5 gallon

6-10 galllon

Heater Length

4.7 inch

Heater width

2.4 inch

Heater thickness

1.2 inch


AC 110-120 V

Cord Lengh

5.42 ft



Vivosun mini aquarium heater instructions and temperature adjustment

  1. Completely submerge heater in the water to work properly.
  2. Press set button to start the temperature setting. The LED display will start to flash, continue pressing set button, the number in LED screen will circulate from 68 to 94 °F.
  3. Press SET for 5 seconds for switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  4. For cleaning the tank, turn off the power supply 10 minutes before.

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