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Hygger Mini Aquarium Heater


Hygger Mini Aquarium Heater

Hygger Mini Aquarium Heater

50w19.99 $
100w23.99 $

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Hygger Mini Aquarium Heater Features

  • Easy to install on glass, acrylic or plastic tanks by 2 strong suction cups
  • Easy to set the temperature on the controller from 63℉ to 94℉, temp accuracy 1℉.
  • Safe ABS heating guard with a compact design
  • Nickle wire heating material +quartz glass tube
  • LED display to show the temperature status and errors 
  • With a built-in thermometer,
  • Automatic and reliable thermostat to maintain the tank water at the temp you set. 
  • Auto shut off safety if water temp is over 95℉ or heater is out of water
  • With memory function if power failure happens.
  • No fish can go in the 6-7mm heater gaps so no worries for fish stuck or burned
  • Fully submersible heater for both fresh water and saltwater tanks


50 watt

100 watt

Fish Tank Size

1-7 gallon

7-13 galllon

Heater Length

4.5 inch

Heater width

2.7 inch

Heater thickness

1.4 inch


AC 110-120 V

Cord Lengh

5.00 ft

Instruction and Cautions

How to set the temp?

  1. After you place the heater fully in water, wait for about 10 seconds, the led then will display the accurate water temp.

  2. Press the set button on the controller over and over, the led digits will go circularly from 63 to 94, when you get the digit you want, stop and wait the led flashing for 3 times, then the setting is done.
  3. Keep the controller away from water, it's not waterproof
  4. After temp setting and during the heating time, the led displays the water temp in Fahrenheit.
  5. Don’t bury the heater under substrates such as gravels or sands.

Error codes

  • E1: heater is out of water
  • HH: water temp is over 95℉

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