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Ista Inline Heater


Ista Inline Heater

Ista Inline Heater

300w 5/8" (16/22mm) Hose61.86 $
300w 1/2"(12/16mm) Hose69.27 $
150w 5/8" (16/22mm) Hose66.77 $
150w 1/2"(12/16mm) Hose $
500w 5/8" (16/22mm) Hose132.00 $
500w1/2"(12/16mm) Hose134.78 $

Inline External Heater with Digital Indicator

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Ista Inline Heater Features

  • Designed for vertical use in most aquarium applications involving water hose of the specified diameter.
  • Easy steps to install by cutting the tubing and connecting the two parts of the tube to each side of the ISTA external heater.
  • Completely safe and UL Listed.
  • Auto power off safety system (if temperature is over 36 °C– if temperature is 3 °C more than setting temperature – if difference between 2 sensor is over 5 °C
  • High accuracy by 2 temperature sensors to exam the temperatures of water Inlet and outlet.
  • There is no danger of damage if the ISTA external heater is left running dry for short periods as it will switch off in that event. 
  • Thermal spraying glass cause faster heating process
  • External design helps not to occupy space in the Tank
  • Digital indicator, displays temperature in Celsius
  • Consistent temperature control without any temperature shocks to your fish
  • For use in freshwater and marine aquariums.
  • Fits most of the canister filters.

Ista inline heater Instructions and care points

  • Connect the water inlet at the downside of the heater and water outlet at the topside of the heater. 
  • Press the button to set the temperature.
  • Please unplug the heater before put your hand inside the tank. 
  • Ista external heater Is only for indoor use end outside the tank 
  • The ISTA External Heater must be used in a vertical manner for correct operation.
  • For reduced maintenance, it is recommended to be installed within the filter`s output assembly.
  • As most canister filters are not designed to bear weight, it is recommended that the ISTA external heater be properly supported by the use of the attached loop to avoid stress on the output assembly.
LED Code  Explanation
Setting temperature flashing  Water temperature is 3°C more ore 3°C less than lhe setting temperalure 
Hi Sensors short circuit or water temperature over 36°C
LO Sensors short circuit
SE difference between inlet and outlet sensors is over 5 °C


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