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Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus


Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus

Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Plus

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  • Provides 8 square feet of large living area for guinea pigs to make them happy and healthy as recommended by veterinarians and breeders
  • Habitat can easily be expanded to 16 square feet with the simple addition of another Guinea Habitat
  • Assembled product dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 47 x 24 x 14 inches.
  • Fully removable wire mesh top to protect your guinea pig from predators.
  • Steel material makes this large cage, firm and sturdy
  • The multi-access folding top protects your pet and gives you easy access
  • Divider panel with hinged "lock in place" ramps/doors separate play and care areas.
  • Durable, leak proof, washable and easily removable PVC lined canvas bottom allows for easy care and maintenance while providing traction and protection for guinea pig's sensitive feet.
  • 14 inches high sides provide for secure and convenient access to guinea pigs.
  • Great guinea pig cage for Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Easy sets up in minutes and no tools required for assembly
  • Ideal for first time guinea pig owners and 'cavy' enthusiasts as well
  • One guinea pig habitat plus is large enough to be suitable for one or two guinea pigs
  • Replacement liners and parts are available to buy
  • Includes 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Midwest Devider Panel

21.44 $

Canvas Bottom for Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

28.61 $

Ramp Cover for Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat

15.27 $

Top Cage Panel

27.99 $

Habitat Guinea Pig Cage

53.49 $


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