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Mars Coat King


Mars Coat King

Mars Coat King

10-Blade From Amazon34.99 $
12-Blade From Amazon37.99 $
18-Blade From Amazon39.00 $
20-Blade From Amazon45.99 $
23-blade From Amazon39.99 $
30-Blade From Amazon39.99 $

Coat king grooming tool

Pet Care VIP offers you the quickest dellivery and best price


  • Designed and manufactured in different rake models from 8 to 30 blades
  • Capable for stripping and detangling coats as well as breaking up mats in one easy step.
  • Premium quality stripping comb features sharp and stainless steel teeth
  • Tempered high-grade stainless steel blades
  • With durable, contoured wooden handle that provides a comfortable grip. 
  • Works in all different types of fur pet coats, regardless of the dog's breed, size, or age.
  • The stainless steel teeth easily remove loose, shedding hair from thick undercoats without painfully pulling or damaging your dog's sensitive.
  • Unlike clipping which can leave a dog looking pitifully shorn, this comb only removes the dead hair from the coat which potentially cuts grooming time in half or quicker.
  • Also known as mars brush tool or mars stripping comb dogs
  • Blades are durable and strong but if you need spare, there are replacement blades available
  • Original Mars Coat King is manufactured in Germany

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