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Lyric Nyjer Seed


Lyric Nyjer Seed

Lyric Nyjer Seed

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Best nyjer or niger seed for birds

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 Nyjer Seed

Nyjer is a small, thin, black seed from the African yellow daisy (Guizotia abyssinica). Though it is not related to the thistle plant, Nyjer is often referred to casually as "thistle seed." High in oil, it is a nutritious source of energy for backyard birds and is one of the most popular types of birdseed


Lyric Nyjer Seed features:

  • Lyric nyjer seed, provides the proper food that colorful birds desire.
  • Attracts all types of finches, including American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, House Finches and Pine Siskins
  • All Lyric wild bird foods are carefully selected for nutritional content, cleanliness and quality.
  • Contains proteins, fiber and fats which are important to fuel wild birds' high level of daily activity
  • Nyjer is a popular winter bird food as it's higher in calorie content to help birds store fat for the cold weather
  • The protein in the seed is helpful in regenerating feathers in the fall and spring
  • Ideal for small tube or sock feeders


Feeding instruction and tips

  1. Pour lyric Nyjer Seed in to the nyjer sock or nyjer tube feeder (recommended) or feed in open trays and spread Nyjer seed on the ground
  2. Squirrels typically do not eat nyjer seed
  3. Not recommended for domestic (caged) birds.
  4. Not for human consumption.



Guizotia Abyssinica, common name Thistle Niger Seed. 

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