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Kaytee Finch Station


Kaytee Finch Station

Kaytee Finch Station

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kaytee finch sock feeder

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Kaytee Finch Station Features

  • Kaytee Finch Station 2 holds more than 7 pounds of Finch food
  • Each Kaytee Finch Station 2 comes with four socks: two for use right away and two for replacement.
  • Multiple socks offer more surface area for flocks of finches to comfortably eat at the same time 
  • With a soft mesh sock feeders which finches prefer to cling them over traditional tubes
  • The refillable feeder comes with a durable cable that is looped and ready to hang
  • Enjoy more bird watching opportunities with fewer refills thanks to the super-sized
  • Weather-resistant dome reservoir 
  • Durable, coated metal cable is looped and ready to hang 
  • Strong built-in elastic band attaches socks easily to the seed ports under the dome reservoir 
  • Unique gravity led system allows seed to flow into socks 
  • Made in the USA


Kaytee finch feeder use & care instructions

  1. Turn dome reservoir upside-down. 
  2. Stretch circular elastic band of the sock around the seed port, hooking it over the tabs. 
  3. Tug lightly to ensure the sock is secure. 
  4. Repeat until each seed port has a sock attached. 
  5. Hang Finch Station at least four feet above the ground on a shepherd hookk or sturdy branch. 
  6. Twist cover on top of dome reservoir counter clockwise and move up along the cable. the cover will stay up. 
  7. Pour KAYTEE® Nyjere Seed or KAYTEE Wild Finch Blend'" into the open dome; seed will begin filling the sock and then fill the dome. 
  8. Slide cover down the cable and twist it back in place, locking the reservoir. 
  9. Wash dome reservoir periodically for top performance. Dome reservoir and sock can be washed in warm sudsy water. 
  10. Replace sock as needed. 

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