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KrohneTec Calming Collar


KrohneTec Calming Collar

KrohneTec Calming Collar

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calming collar for dogs & cats

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KrohneTec Calming Collar Main Features

  • This calming cat collar imitates maternal pheromones that reassure dogs and cats. 
  • Trusted and approved by most veterinarians and cats and dogs owners
  • A pet remembers and responds to the pheromones throughout its lives. 
  • Water resistant designe
  • Simulates the natural way pets cope with anxiety and stress.
  • Noticeable improved cat behavior within the first hour of use
  • Lavender and pheromone essential oils help anxiety relief and tension relief effectively.
  • The 15-inch length fits most dogs and cats and can be adjusted. 
  • The material of this anti-anxiety cat & dog calming collar is solid and reliable
  • Long-lasting calming effect for 60 days and 24 hours a day.
  • Comfortable around the neck and doesn’t burden your cat at all
  • Calming collar can also help pets feel comfortable by relieving symptoms such as licking their lips, barking, panting, drooling and whimpering, toilet problems, and damaging items in the home.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed because Customer satisfaction is our top priority


Calming collar for cats and dogs direction

  1. Place the calming collar around your cat's neck. 
  2. Leave extra 2-3 inches for a comfortable fit and easy adjustment 
  3. Get the tip of the collar in the loop 
  4. Cut and dispose excessive length 
  5. Your pet is ready to go 
  6. Remember that this gadget is a stress reliever or pet anxiety or fear caused by travel, outdoor activities, pet solitary activities, veterinarian visits, fireworks, thunderstorms and other noisy or unfamiliar environments.

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